Billing Info: NOTE - Sessions will not be confirmed without the following:
Name ​and ​physical address ​of parent company,​​ ​name ​and ​physical address​​ of project company, name of job, contact person, position, physical address, P.O. number, etc. + name and email of invoice recipient if different from contact person. Also, let me know of any addition information you may need from me to ensure prompt payment.
Overseas Clients: If I have not worked with you before, I will require Credit Card payment for service.

​CALENDAR HOLDs will automatically expire 3 days from date granted.
Stepbridge Studios is a small facility; it is the only commercial, professional studio providing a unique service to Santa Fe and adjacent areas. I receive many requests for services and I cannot navigate through countless HOLDs and attend scheduling and booking effectively.

When booking sessions you will be billed for extended time request (i.e. 1 hour + .5 hr Bump). I cannot market additional time that you request; this time will be billed at Studio Hourly Rate of $85/hr when not used by your session. If the time is used to satisfy your session requirements, the time will be billed at full session rate.

I strive to fulfill your session needs within the confirmed session time quoted and booked. All additional Pre and Post session work is billed at Studio Hourly Rate of $85/hr (i.e. downloading session elements, session setup & test, ISDN test connections, obtaining document signatures, printing & scanning documents, Post session prepping and uploading of session Deliverables, etc).
48 hour cancellation: 0%
24 hour cancellation: 50%
Same day cancellation: 100%
​25% OF CANCELLATION FEES APPLY WHEN RESCHEDULING. When you cancel a session, I cannot market that time.

PICTURE FORMAT: - QuickTime H264 Timecode embedded.

Send specs, script, cues or image as soon as possible, in order to build and test session.

Edgard Rivera 505-988-7051 

Looking forward to working with you.