Select the services and add-ons your session requires, add the totals and this will be your base hourly rate.

                     ⁃VO Session - $150/hr

                     ⁃ISDN Receiving - $315/hr

                     ⁃ISDN Originating - $375/hr

                     ⁃ADR Session - $350/hr

                     ⁃ISDN/ADR Receiving - $425/hr

                     ⁃ISDN/ADR Originating - $485/hr

                     -PUBLIC RADIO ISDN Receiving - $CALL

STUDIO Hrly  - MIXING/EDITING/DIGITAL TRANSFERS , download_upload session elements/session setup&test, communications, etc - $85/hr
SKYPE/PHONE audio connection - $50/hr
SKYPE video/audio connection - $75/hr
TRACKING TO IMAGE - loading image/video into any session (see ADR rates)
RENTALS - microphone/gear  - you will be billed for rental/shipping fees and staff time to administer rental
WEEKEND/LATE EVENING OPEN FEE - Studio is open for booking Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm MST - $100